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Journal Papers

  • Spohr, J., Wikström, K., Ronikonmäki, N. M., Lepech, M., & In, S. Y. (2024) Are private investors overcompensated in infrastructure projects?. Transport Policy.

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Conference Papers

  • Morio, G., In, S. Y., Yoon, J., Rowlands, H., Manning, C. (2024) ReportParse: A Unified NLP Tool for Extracting Logical and Semantic Structure of Corporate Sustainability Reporting. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Forthcoming. 

Other Publications

  • Schumacher, K., In, S. Y., Nolen, L., Tinaru, C., & Baek, Y. J. (2022) From Greenwashing to Carbonwashing: A Review of Corporate Carbon Disclosure Gaps. Asian Development Bank Policy Paper. forthcoming.

  • Holland, H., Dixon, A., In, S.Y., Monk, A., & Sharma, R. (2021). Mobilizing Institutional Investor Capital for Climate-Aligned Development. OECD Development Policy Papers, 35. Paris, France: OECD.

  • Monk, A., & In, S.Y. (2020). Financial Innovation for Energy Innovation. The Brown Journal of World Affairs. Providence, USA: Brown University. 

  • In, S.Y., Park, K.Y., & Monk, A. (2017). Is 'Being Green' Rewarded in the Market? An Empirical Investigation of Decarbonization Risk and Stock Returns. Energy Forum, Special Issue 2017, p46-48. Washington, D.C., USA: International Association for Energy Economics.

  • In, S. Y. (2014). Do Export Credit Agencies Benefit the Economy?. Stanford International Policy Review. Spring 2014 Issue. Stanford, USA: Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University.

  • In, S.Y., Baek, Y.J., and Mathew, S. (Eds.). (2022). Conference Proceeding on Sustainable Finance in Asia: Next Steps for Climate Innovation. Stanford Sustainable Finance Initiative and Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus.

  • Schumacher, K., Baek, Y.J., In, S.Y., and Nishikizawa, S. (2022). Sustainability reporting in Asia: Are the EU’s initiatives a benchmark for ESG disclosure in the region? Tokyo Tech Research Report, Tokyo, Japan.

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  • In, S.Y. (2021). “Corporate Sustainability Strategy,”Korea Development Institute.

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