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  • Can ESG integration lower risks and/or generate risk-adjusted returns of investment portfolios? If so, by how much and when? 

  • How are firm's environmental performance and its improvement perceived in global financial markets?

Combining environmental engineering, financial economics and advanced data technologies, this research aims to clarify the return-risk relationship of environmentally sustainable investing.


  • What are the potentials of the digital revolution in transforming the global financing systems?

  • What are the barriers and risks of applying new technologies in sustainable investment, and how can we address them?

This research investigates the high-impact opportunities of new data technologies for investors and business leaders as these technologies can help us to conduct a deeper analysis and to create investable insights using ESG data. This research will provide a clear guidance on how to translate these data into insights for ESG integration and investment.

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* What are the organizational and institutional barriers in the clean energy investment market? 

* What are the new roles and functions of intermediation in the way to drive positive social and environmental impact alongside financial results?

This research proposes new ideas to mobilize investment capital to support energy innovation and ESG integration by designing new financial intermediaries. These new financial intermediaries are tailored to the specific risks and opportunities associated with clean energy technology development. They will contribute to redirect finance towards sustainable investments, and to reshape the financial system to be compatible with a low-carbon economy.

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